There are over 120 content delivery channels that modern businesses have to manage today spanning across digital and traditional media – and it seems that new ones are emerging all the time. Professionals have a variety of sources for work-related information and the general public are constantly checking social media channels for updates on friends and family.

More media channels mean more advertising, and the average adult is hit by over 5,000 branding messages every day. It can seem daunting to get cut-through in this crowded market, but it’s a lot simpler then it appears – you have to give consumers what they want!

The information superhighway of the 90’s now operates at the speed of light. As consumers of information we expect fresh, engaging content to be constantly available, delivered to us on a per-second basis. We keep scrolling, refreshing and checking – news becomes ‘old news’ before we’ve reached the bottom of a page. The multitude of technological devices currently in use situates digital media platforms as the prime source for the latest quality news – and quantitative data sits at the heart of the offering.

With so much information available to us on demand, at the touch of a button, it’s more vital than ever to make sure your message contains information that is useful and workable for your brand and your audiences, to ensure it cuts through the constant wave of media. Real life statistics from surveys give stories added weight and greatly enhance the credibility of a piece of content and give it a natural structure – improving its readability.

OnePoll is perfectly placed in this demanding and evolving media landscape. We have been delivering human insight and data analysis to strengthen communications across a variety of sectors for over fifteen years. We have unrivalled experience in conducted surveys that we know will tap into national buzz. Our statistics have powered stories that make an impact far and wide – and we together with our earned media partner 72Point Inc, we have created and distributed 1000s of survey-led news stories.

Surveying the public on real-life, topical and relevant issues forms the basis of an intriguing creative project which can engage the public often times within a headline or first paragraph of copy.

We aren’t limited to who we can reach – our polling panel is extensively profiled, allowing for highly efficient targeting and segmentation into demographic groups. Even highly niche studies and statistics can be achieved with maximum efficiency – meaning we are able to conduct a wide variety of surveys. We specialise in polls that tap into national news agendas, raising topical issues that get the public talking and generate buzz for your brand or organisation.

It may be a crowded, noisy marketing and advertising field, but people are still hungry for engaging and shareable content, and a desire for information sits at the heart of every consumers engagement with a piece of content.  We provide the public with a platform to voice their opinion and see the real-life impact. At OnePoll, we know that fast, flexible and robust research can power insights that helps your message stand out.