SPANA Work grumbles survey & video

How often do you complain about work? Our survey for working animal charity, SPANA, revealed that the average employee spends the equivalent of 2 working weeks a year grumbling. One in 20 will start moaning the minute they step foot in the office. Another 15% admitted they 'whinge all day long'.

RSPB Bird knowledge survey, quiz & video

More than half of UK adults can't identify a sparrow according to our survey for pre-school series, Twirlywoos. In fact, the survey found that people's knowledge of birds is generally quite poor.

Innocent seasonal fruit and veg survey & quiz

How well do you know your seasonal produce? Our quiz for Innocent has revealed that for most people that answer is 'not very well'. One in ten believe all fruit and veg are available all year round and a third didn't realise that some produce tasted better in certain months of the year.

Mental Health Foundation ‘I’m Fine’ study & video

The average UK adult will say I’m Fine 14 times a week but only 19% will really mean it according to our survey for The Mental Health Foundation. The survey was commissioned as part of the charity’s I’m Fine campaign which urges people to be more open and honest about mental health.

Simon Jersey infographic & video

OnePoll research for uniform supplier, Simon Jersey revealed that women spend a total of five months of their life choosing outfits. An infographic, video and news story were produced based on the research findings.

ASDA PR survey & video

ASDA commissioned a study of 2,000 shoppers to find out which features they would add to create their ultimate BBQ. The best of these features were then passed on to designer to create the dream machine.

Interparcel infographic, game & video

OnePoll supplied the data used by sister company 72Point to create an integrated campaign with, an online parcel broker. Our research was used to create an infographic, video, game and news story.