Over the last decade, we’ve conducted tens of thousands of surveys for the PR industry.

Our research findings have helped to support media campaigns, added depth to brand storytelling and secured exposure for our clients.

We’re proud to generate stats that are trusted by our clients and media alike.

The OnePoll panel, the people at the very heart of our research, play a crucial role in helping us to achieve robust data and craft interesting stories and survey-led content.


OnePoll has seen hundreds of thousands of sign-ups in the past 10 years. It’s no secret that our panel are rewarded for their time spent completing our online surveys.  We take extra care to ensure their responses are accurate and they respond to our efforts with high quality responses.

Keeping an online survey community active and interested is a much tougher job than it was a decade ago. With an increasing number of online communities (rewarded and unrewarded), OnePoll has to offer its panel a good experience and where possible, something unique.


OnePoll is the only research and survey company that works inside a press agency, and our panel have told us they love the fact their stats generate national news stories.

Every month, our online community manager shares media coverage with our panelists – the stories and headlines their opinions have helped create. They thoroughly appreciate this feedback – we know as 91% of our panel say they would recommend OnePoll to friends and family.

Word of mouth recommendation goes a long way to help keep our panel growing and healthy. However we also have to be active on social media, offering a vibrant Facebook experience, as well as developing relationships with blogs and websites where we think OnePoll could be an attractive proposition for their visitors.

We engage our panel via the the following methods:

  • Facebook page with competitions
  • Twitter polls
  • E-marketing activity
  • Qualitative projects
  • Email survey invites
  • Closely monitored inbox

Our panel is well represented across the UK geographically as well as by gender and age. We maintain the size and quality of our panel in areas most requested by our clients, however we also ensure we continue general growth across the whole of the UK. We need to be prepared for all types of requests from our clients, which is why we have over 100 data points profiled on our panelists – and we can search panel feasibility with just a few clicks.

Quality Control

Whilst 99.9% of our panel are honest and careful in their responses, we have to monitor for those pesky, poor quality survey takers. These are people who go through surveys at great speed, not taking adequate care in their responses. Furthermore, they often provide very poor freetext answers. Fortunately, we have a number of measures in place to spot them.

Our research team constantly check RAW data and can see where poor quality entries occur and remove them. Usually this is evident in poorly written freetext or if they are clicking the top answer for every question. Our community manager is then tasked with warning our panel that we expect a certain level of care and attention in responding to surveys. If they strike again, they are blocked.

All of these measures during the reporting stage of a survey and our ongoing efforts monitoring panel quality result in squeaky clean data for our clients and robust stats for the media.

Here are some examples of our research in action.

Profiled Panels in Action


17% shop at Waitrose
36% contribute to online forums & discussions
39% work full or part time
37% are married
16% are a gym member


30% claim a pension
28% haven’t prepared a will
9% are gym members
8% have private healthcare
19% have a Twitter account


17% own a car
20% have a credit card
27% consider themselves serious ‘gamers’
38% say cooking is a hobby
85% are on Facebook