Call it the “Great Comeback”: nine in 10 employed Americans are excited to head back to work in-person full-time in 2022.

We asked 1,000 respondents about how they’ll view their jobs in 2022.

Out of the 803 workers polled, 87% are ready to ditch virtual meetings and cannot wait to head back to their physical workplaces in the new year. 

Despite a rise in confirmed COVID-19 cases related to the omicron variant, 48% expect to be back at work in person next year, while 21% don’t see themselves going back to an office.

So far, only one in seven (14%) of respondents have already returned to a physical workplace

Those excited by the prospect said they look forward to catching up with their coworkers and meeting new ones (60%), attending in-person meetings (48%), sitting and working at their desks again (48%) and wearing business attire or their job uniforms (47%).

Others are thrilled about going out to lunch (46%), eating cafeteria food (41%) and commuting (40%) again. 

Still, two-thirds (66%) said the thought of making small talk with coworkers they haven’t seen physically in a while gives them anxiety.

Sixty percent of respondents even admitted they wish they could permanently work from home to avoid social awkwardness. 

On the bright side, nearly seven in 10 of all those polled feel optimistic they’ll get a better job in 2022 (68%), and a similar percentage of workers feel confident they’ll get a raise or promotion at their current employer next year (67%). 

Americans going back to work in-person
The Great Comeback 9 in 10 want to return to office

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