Talking to kids about politics

Do you discuss politics with your children?

We asked 2,000 American parents if they discuss politics with their children. Nearly seven in 10 believe that talking to their kids about politics is more difficult today than it was for their parents.

Covid-19 has changed Americans’ opinions on universal health care

Our research reveals three-quarters of Americans agree that the COVID-19 pandemic is a sign that the U.S. should adopt a universal health care system. Read the research findings and view the stats here.

Conducting research with an online panel

American Anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston once said “Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose”. Which makes a lot of sense because if you don’t have a purpose or know what you’re trying to find out, you won’t find out anything at all.

5 ways research can be used to generate content

Not only are we consuming more content than ever, but the type of content that we’re exposed to is evolving in equal measure. Research can form a solid creative foundation for generating relevant and highly engaging content.

Conducting research with your own customers

So you have a customer or client database and you’d like to find out their thoughts on a number of topics. But where do you start? Read our top tips on how to successfully poll your own customers.

The panel behind the press coverage

We’ve conducted tens of thousands of surveys for the PR industry. Our research findings have helped to support media campaigns & secured exposure for our clients. The OnePoll panel, the people at the very heart of our research, play a crucial role in helping us to achieve robust data, and craft interesting stories and survey-led content.