Using Market Research in PR

The public has, I’m glad to say, an apparently insatiable appetite for research based news and articles.

OnePoll Appoints Mark Hodson as Head of Research

Hodson joins from the British Heart Foundation, where he served as Head of Consumer Insight for three years.

#IWD2017: The women who have inspired us

This International Women’s Day, the world is being asked to #BeBoldforChange. But how do we do that? Do we go out into the streets to take the fight on head first? Let’s face it we’ve already seen a lot of that this year. Our streets have hardly been free from marches and plaquards, and frankly with what feminism has been faced with this year it’s no wonder.

New Year resolutions: make or break in 2017?

In a survey of 1000 British adults, we found that 44% made New Year’s resolutions this year. Only a few weeks into January and almost a fifth (19%) admit to having already been unsuccessful. We look at why we set resolutions and why we fail.

The sky is the limit – The importance of knowing we can achieve anything

Lately, I have had a suffocating feeling of wondering if all the effort of trying to impact a change in the workplace has any effect at all. This week’s announcement of Paula Nickolds being appointed as the new Managing Director for John Lewis gave me that glimpse of reassurance I needed.

The big marriage debate

After almost 4 years of being in a relationship, the inevitable and persistent “When are you getting married?” question from family and friends has well and truly reared its ugly head. We asked 2,000 adults if marriage is the be all and end all of a relationship.

6 tips for conducting international research

OnePoll has been conducting international research for almost ten years. Our researchers share some advice and tips to consider when planning and commissioning an international research project.

5 ways research can be used to generate content in 2016

Not only are we consuming more content than ever, but the type of content that we’re exposed to is evolving in equal measure. Research can form a solid creative foundation for generating relevant and highly engaging content.

The language of rape culture

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (IDEVAW) and White Ribbon Day are both designed to raise awareness of sexual and gender-based violence experienced by women all over the world. There are obviously many forms of violence – almost all of which affect both men and women.

Public attitudes towards criminal punishment, rehabilitation and reform

A OnePoll study of 1,000 British adults takes a look at the public's attitudes to criminal punishment, rehabilitation and penal reform. While we’re usually more interested in punishing criminals than rehabilitating them, are we really as punitive as our initial reactions often imply?