One-third of Americans will be tuning into the Super Bowl this year looking for a win —  for their bank account.

Our OnePoll survey conducted on Jan 30th 2022 revealed 36% of those polled plan on betting on the big game this Sunday.

The data showed that just watching the game is only part of the experience. 

With the rise in sports betting over the past couple of years, as more states legalize the practice, three-fourths of Americans (74%) say that betting even a small amount on a sports game enhances the viewing experience.

In fact, the data shows that the Super Bowl in football is also the Super Bowl of sports betting.

According to our survey results, the average American who is placing a bet this year plans to throw down $462 on the big match between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium. 

And just about a fourth of those surveyed (23%) said they plan to bet even more than that, with four percent shelling out $2,000 or more.

But, as with the game itself, not everybody comes out a winner. 

When it comes to their sports betting losses, the average American says the most they’ve ever lost on a single bet was $989, with two percent (30 respondents) revealing they’ve lost over $10,000.

This OnePoll online survey was conducted on January 30th 2022, with 2,000 adults. As members of AAPOR – the American Association for Public Opinion Research, OnePoll researchers adhere to the principles and actions set out in the AAPOR Code.
SuperBowl Sunday 2022 - OnePoll survey found one third plan to place a bet