Nick Jr Holiday boredom survey

The summer holidays are in full swing but don’t be fooled into thinking your child is loving time away from the classroom. Our survey for Nick Jr has found that it’ll be a mere 10 days before they’ll be telling you that they’re bored.

eDreams ODIGEO Generational Travel Survey

eDreams ODIGEO recently published their report into travel habits across the generations based on an international survey they conducted through OnePoll.

Nestle Professional BuzzBites: Hyper-convenience survey

OnePoll has once again collaborated with Nestle Professional for the BuzzBites reports. The reports aim to delve deeper into consumer attitudes and behaviour as well as to look at the current issues facing the food industry.

Mattel World’s coolest man bun survey

Man buns, love them or loathe them there’s no getting away from them. You can’t go 5 yards without encountering at least one. But who has the world’s coolest man bun? Mattel commissioned research with OnePoll to find out.

SPANA Good old days survey

It's official, life really was better in the 'good old days'. Our study for animal charity, SPANA, found that 50% of adults over 50 preferred life when they were kids.

CILIP favourite children’s books survey

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has been named the nation's favourite children's book in our survey for the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Press.

Lucozade Sport health app survey

Health apps are changing our motivation to exercise, our survey for Lucozade Sport reveals. A whopping 52% of those surveyed revealed they would be more likely to be active if they used a health app. But motivation isn't the only thing driving the use of apps.

Broadband Genie fake news survey

British voters are concerned that fake news could have an impact on the forthcoming general election, our survey for Broadband Genie. 42% of the 2,000 UK adults believed that fake news had influenced last years (2016) EU Referendum.

Ladbrokes Eurovision feelings survey

It's that time of year again when an entire continent goes off their heads for some cheesy pop music and national stereotypes. That's right, it's Eurovision!

Nationwide age profile surveys and infographics

As part of an ongoing marketing campaign, Nationwide commissioned a series of surveys to find out more about the people of Great Britain. Each survey took a specific age group and identified the average characteristics of that demographic.