Vagaro: Self-care habits

OnePoll conducted research on behalf of Vagaro in December 2020. 2,000 American adults participated in the online study.

Life's Appreciations 71% value little things more

Life Happens: Life’s new appreciations

We conducted online research on behalf of Life Happens and KWT Global in January 2021. The Life Happens annual ‘Insure Your Love’ campaign explored the topic of…

Eargo The Sweetest Sounds Survey

Eargo: Sweetest sounds

A custom research project on behalf of Eargo, for World Hearing Day. We polled Americans aged 40 and over and asked what sounds they missed most during the pandemic,…

Bend Financial 56% lost with health insurance

Bend Financial: Health care confusion

OnePoll conducted an online study on behalf of Bend Financial, a Health Savings Account provider. We asked 2,000 respondents to describe their understanding of the…

Circle Digital Wellness

Circle: Digital wellness

OnePoll polled 2,000 American parents about tech burnout in their children and asked what tools they find effective for helping their children manage stress. The…