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Do office workers feel supported working from home?

SilkRoad Technology commissioned an online study of 1,500 office workers and 500 C-suite level executives based in the US. The project was designed to gain valuable research insights and produce assets for content marketing and media exposure.

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Research results

Our research project for SilkRoad Technology was conducted in December 2020. The study set out to examine how office workers and C-level executives had adjusted during the COVID-19 pandemic. We explored the differing perceptions between the two groups.

Our research found:

Eighty-six percent of C-suite respondents thought their organization demonstrated commitment to their employees during the pandemic.

However, one third (35%) of office workers said they could not agree with a statement saying they felt valued as an employee based on their employer’s response to the pandemic.

Over half of workers admitted they had hoped their company would offer more support to employees in their initial pandemic response.

Two in five office workers said they planned to resign and take a new job as soon as they could because of their company’s response to the pandemic.

The research also revealed the top ways workers thought their company could have improved their response to the pandemic. Research findings and a downloadable infographic are available on the SilkRoad Technology website.

Headlines and coverage

Data-driven content

This OnePoll research project provided SilkRoad Technology with valuable insights into the perceptions of remote and flexible working, and the priorities for executives in the year ahead.

In addition to conducting the research, we produced unique data-led content and generated positive media coverage for the brand:


A newsworthy research-led story, distributed to the press

Earned media coverage

Infographic and video

Visuals and research data to share across social media platforms

News copy and visuals for the client’s website – which were used to create a news article and data-capture landing page

Survey story and headlines

Social media content

Video: key research findings

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OnePoll conducted research on behalf of SilkRoad Technology in December 2020.
1,500 office workers and 500 C-level executives based in the U.S. participated in the online study.

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