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Missouri is the most stressed out state

A OnePoll study on behalf of Natrol asked 12,500 Americans about stress and anxiety – how long they spend stressing, what they worry about and what they do to manage stress. The respondents were split evenly across all states. We made state-by-state comparisons of the research results, revealing Missouri as the most stressed state.

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Our research on behalf of the vitamin and supplement brand Natrol polled 12,500 American, split evenly by state. The survey revealed those in Missouri spend three hours and 18 minutes per day worrying due to stress, which was more than any other state.

The Show-Me state was followed closely by Mississippi and West Virginia - each spending three hours and 12 minutes, and three hours and six minutes worrying per day, respectively.

72% of all respondents believed 2020 was the most stressful year they’ve lived through, and 57% were more stressed than they ever had been before.

Anxiety is also on the rise, as 56% said they were more anxious than ever before.

Unfortunately, this additional stress and anxiety might be here to stay: the average respondent felt their stress and anxiety levels would not go back to normal for almost six months.

When asked about the categories of stress, finances came out on top — with lack of savings (38%) causing Americans the most stress at the time.

Twenty-eight percent were worried about their loved ones becoming sick as a result of COVID-19, while 24% were worried about unemployment.

In good news, 48% of respondents had learned new ways to cope with managing stress and anxiety during the pandemic and 43% believed they were now better equipped to handle stressful situations.

Our earned media division 72Point crafted and distributed a survey-led news story with infographic and visuals, highlighting key findings from the research. The story earned media coverage across national and regional titles, with direct links to the brand's website. The survey findings also secured broadcast coverage for Natrol.

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A survey of 12,500 Americans – split evenly by state – was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Natrol Relaxia. The online study explored the everyday stresses faced by Americans.

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