Data-rich editorial content

Using custom research to inform & support editorial content

OnePoll has worked with the Bustle Digital Group (BDG), delivering custom research solutions to support editorial and promotional content across several flagship publications, including Bustle and Elite Daily.

Our full-service support includes consultation, questionnaire design, demographic targeting, survey scripting and hosting, data collation and analysis.

BDG incorporated the research findings into a range of articles and features. The publisher also produced eye-catching illustrations in their house style, bringing the data-driven stories and content to life.

Tech, health and lifestyle stories, driven by data.

Bustle Digital Group

We have collaborated on a series of projects for BDG and BDG Studios, polling Americans on a wide range of topics including relationships, sobriety, social media, data privacy, phone usage and astrology.

The research was used by the group’s journalists and writers to produce editorial content and special features for Bustle and Elite Daily, among other titles.

These are some examples…

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