How do you mend a broken heart? One of life’s great unknowns but our survey for Yelp Eat 24 has revealed how Americans deal with a break-up.

The average American will endure the pain of a major break-up three times in their lifetime and will spend a year and a half of their life getting over them.

When it comes to dealing with the pain many turn to emotional outpourings to purge their feelings, either on their own, to a friend or even to their ex. For example, the survey of 2,000 respondents revealed the average American will have around 2 tearful conversations and 4 instances of crying alone. 1 in 4 admits that they get in touch with at least two previous loves following a split.

But for many, the best way to cope with pain is by eating their feelings with 2 in 3 saying comfort food is an important part of getting over an ex. 1 in 3 even have a go-to food for when they are upset. America’s top break-up foods are ice cream (43%), pizza (30%), fried foods (22%) and cake (18%).  The survey revealed that high levels of comfort food are most needed in the first 5 weeks following a break-up.

The survey was accompanied by copy written by the creative team at 72Point US and an infographic, designed by our in-house design studio. The story and accompanying assets achieved widespread media coverage landing on the USA Today, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Bustle, and more!