Who’s more generous; the United States of America or the United Kingdom? Bad news, UK. Uncle Sam’s got this one. The American public considers themselves to be more charitable and our research for the Wings for Life World Run confirms it.

In 2016 alone, Americans donated an average of $106 compared to the British’s £58 (which converts to just $72). The Yanks also pip the Brits on good deeds (but only just!) with the average American citizen performing 25 good deeds in the last 6 months. That’s 2 more than the Brits who only performed 23. Citizens of the States were more likely to tip well, give money to the homeless,  help a friend move and pick up trash on the sidewalk. Whereas the people of the UK are more likely to hold the door open for a stranger, regularly recycle and donate both money and belongings to a charity.

What’s more, it doesn’t appear that the UK feel that bad about it with only 31% wishing they had done more good last year, compared to 50% of Americans.

There is some good news for the Great British public. While you may not have been as generous as your transatlantic cousins,  you did make fewer bad decisions…just. The British public made only 1.6 bad decisions in 2016  compared to 2 by the Americans. Well, we did say only just!

The survey of 2,000 Americans and 2,000 Brits was accompanied by a news story created by our partners, 72Point US and an infographic designed and created by our in-house design studio. The story landed on major news sites on both sides of the Atlantic, featuring on The Sun, MSN and USA Today.