Do you feel like your lack of sleep is effecting your lifestyle? Our survey for Travelodge looked into just how much sleep we are getting a night and what effects how many hours of shut eye Brits are getting.

The survey revealed that the average Brit is getting just six hours and 14 minutes of sleep a night – almost two hours less than the recommended quota.

As well as falling short on sleep, the average adult will also wake up twice a night and spend two nights of the week tossing and turning.

Stress is the biggest culprit for the nation’s lack of sleep, followed by being too hot, uncomfortable or wide awake due to late night screen time surfing social media channels.

Money worries, a partner fidgeting or snoring, and being nervous or excited about a meeting or event in the morning also leaves many of us struggling to get some shut-eye.

Lack of sleep also sees Britain as a nation fork out £8 billion on sleep aids and things to make them look and feel less tired.

We conducted the survey as part of a campaign with our partners 72Point. The campaign was a resounding success, achieving widespread national print coverage, landing in publications such as The Daily Express, The Daily Star, The Daily Record, The Daily Mirror and The Sun. The project also landed in a number of digital publications such as Yahoo UK Finance, The Mirror, The Sun and The Express,