Go almost anywhere online this week and you’ll probably see some mention of Holly and Phil’s latest This Morning giggle fit.

This time, the pair lost their cool during an innuendo-heavy review of sex toys carried out by Good Housekeeping readers.

The hilarity began as Holly read the results of a supplementary survey This Morning and ITV had conducted using OnePoll. The survey of 1,000 people revealed that 42% of women own a vibrator with more than a third admitting to using one every week. Three-quarters of women said that a sex toy made sex more pleasurable.

Poker faces failed after Holly followed the research by cautiously saying ‘this has gone up, hasn’t it?’. Oh, Holly!

The video of Holly and Phil’s hysterics, featuring OnePoll’s research, has gone crazy online following a mixture of amusement at the presenting breakdown and shock and disgust at the fact vibrators were discussed at 11am in the morning. Specifically, though, the research was featured on the live coverage of the segment itself and mentioned on the MailOnline and the LADBible. Other sites to feature the video include OK!, The Huffington Post and many more.