This may come as no surprise but it turns out that men leave women baffled. In fact, when it comes down to specifics, some may say the list of things is endless but our survey has narrowed it down to the top 50. Men, you might want to leave the room.

The biggest cause of confusion lies with the notorious ‘man flu’. Specifically, women fail to comprehend just exactly what makes it so much worse than normal flu. Men’s inability to listen or their mysterious selective hearing powers also had females flummoxed.

The poll of 2,000 women also failed to grasp the opposite sex’s sporting obsession. In particular, the women failed to get their head around why men watch a full football match and then need to watch the highlights on Match of the Day later that day. Men’s ability to remember endless sports stats whilst failing to remember important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries also left women confused.

The story achieved widespread media coverage, landing in both print and online versions of The Express, in The Sun newspaper and various other sites including Joe and

Top 10 things that baffle women about men

1. Why man flu is worse than a normal cold

2. Why they don’t listen/their selective hearing

3. Their inability to multitask

4. How they can never find something, even when it’s right in front of them

5. Why they say I’ve done the washing up ‘for you’ and think they are doing you a favour

6.  Why they insist on leaving the toilet seat up

7.  Their reluctance to use instructions when building/putting something together

8.  Why they won’t ask anyone for directions

9.  Why they take days to do something women ask them to do

10. Why they snore so much, whatever position they are in