Taylor Swift’s got a new beau…..don’t know if you’d heard! *rolls eyes*

Since getting together following her split with DJ Calvin Harris, Swifty and her new man Tom Hiddleston have barely been out of the spotlight. The sheer speed at which the relationship has blossomed and the mass amount of media coverage has led people to wonder if it’s even real?

The Sun commissioned an exclusive survey via OnePoll to find out what people really make of ‘Hiddleswift’.

Only 31% of the 1,000 people surveyed claimed that they believe the relationship to be genuine. A shocking 50% believe that it’s all one big PR stunt and a further 10% agree that it is staged. 9% even believe that it’s all part of the filming for a music video. Despite that, 62% believe it will last. But with 27% feeling that Taylor puts her career before men, the relationship may be doomed from the start.

The survey also looked at the impact the whirlwind romance has had on the public perception of the couple. Sadly, 22% now like Tom less than they did before, with 17% looking at Taylor less favourable.

It also appears that the relationship has made people think differently about the British star becoming the next Bond. Before the relationship started Hiddleston was the bookies favourite to play 007, but our survey revealed that only 12% think he should be, with one-third admitting that the love affair has led to them to think he wouldn’t be good.  In fact, James Norton received the most votes to play MI6 lothario with 40%. But surely a whirlwind, passionate relationship would be right up Bond’s street? No?