We’re a nation of pie lovers. We love them all, whether they’re sweet, savoury, covered in pastry, potato or even meringue, we love them all. However, there is one pie in particular that pips the rest….

Apple pie was voted the nation’s favourite pie in our latest survey. Shepherd’s pie and steak and ale were close runners up but it seems the nostalgia surrounding the apple pie helped push it to the top spot; 57% said that they remember their mum serving one up. Not only that but one-third of respondents say they now make apple pies with their own family.

Whilst the beloved apple pie won the majority vote, its popularity dipped amongst the millennial age group (25-34) with steak and ale usurping the sweet family favourite as top pie.

Whatever the filling, though, Great Briton’s love for the pie was undeniable. The survey of 2,000 found that the average UK adult eats 2.2 pies a month…that’s 26.4 pie a year. This works out to a staggering 1663.2 pies in our lifetime. So next time you ask ‘who at all the pies’ the answer might, in fact, be ‘Great Britain did’.

The story featured in the national and regional press with articles in The Sun, The Scottish Sun, The Daily Mirror and the Western Daily Press. It also landed on a host of news sites include the Mirror.co.uk and the Express.co.uk.