Supporting a sports team can often cos you tears, sweat and sometimes blood, but our survey has shown that the costs are in fact much more tangible.

We asked 2,000 sports fan about the financial impact of being loyal to their favourite clubs or team and it turns out that it will set you back a staggering £67,000 on average in your lifetime. In particular, those who follow football or rugby clubs can expect to part with more than a grand a year.

The study found fans will spend an average of £347 each year on tickets to 12 games or events. A further £229 is spent on travel and accommodation.

But it’s not just those attending live events that are shelling out. Even sofa sports fans are out of pocket by an average of £229 as a result of paying for TV subscriptions to watch their beloved sports.

Don’t think catching the games on the pub TV will save you any money; heading to your local to watch the game with a pint and a meal will set you back a whopping £204 a year.

The story was featured on a host of online sites including the Daily Star, and in print in the Star and the Sun.