Today, the 10th May marks the 75th anniversary of The Longest Night; the worst night of the Blitz. To commemorate the tragedy, Armed Forces Charity, SSAFA, commissioned a survey into people’s understanding of the event.

Shocking only 36% of British people knew what The Longest Night was. One-third confused the atrocity with December’s winter solstice.  Confusion was even more alarming amongst younger respondents, with 10% believing it referred to a national power cut and 5% even thinking it was a Game of Throne’s reference.

The Longest Night was the single most aggressive bombing attack to hit Britain with over 2 million homes destroyed and 32,000 civilian deaths.

Despite the destruction caused to Britain, a staggering 20% of the 1,000 British people polled believed that Winston Churchill masterminded the Blitz. 4% of Scottish respondents thought JFK was responsible, and 3% even thought George W. Bush had co-ordinated the campaign.

The survey results were featured on The Sun and The Scotsman.