One-third of UK adults is not confident in water with 1 in 5 afraid to even put their head under the water.

The survey, commissioned by Speedo, marks the launch of their Dive In campaign which aims to help improve the swimming skills of 10,000 Britons, by offering free swimming lessons between May and October 2016.

69% of the 2,000 adults surveyed were unable to swim front crawl for more than four lengths. 65% claimed that learning to be a better swimmer would encourage them to swim more often.

This would have obvious health benefits as 30 minutes of exercise in the water is equivalent to approximately an hour’s land-based exercise. But it’s not just the full body workout that makes swimming a great way to exercise! Swimming works out nearly £6.50 cheaper a month than going to the gym.

The campaign and survey achieved extensive coverage including specialist swimming sites such as, regional news sites such as The Crew Guardian and national publications including the Drum and the MailOnline.