For most people sex is a taboo subject and not appropriate for public conversation. Our latest survey for ITV’s This Morning asked participants to talk about it to find out more about the nation’s sex habits.

The survey of 1,000 people named that the North East of England as the most sexually active region of the UK with one-third of its residents having sex more than 5 times a month. To put this amorous behaviour into perspective the average Brit was found to have sex less than three times a month. In contrast to the North East, Northern Ireland was named as the region having the least sex with a whopping 40% claiming the don’t have any at all.

More than two-thirds of respondents claimed that they were happy with their sex life, but the same cannot be said for all. 50% admitted they should be getting more blaming their lack of bedroom activity on tiredness and children. Other factors included a lack of time, age and a simple lack of confidence.  The desire to have more sex was higher amongst men with 60% wanting more compared to just 40% of women.

The survey also looked at sexy time in more detail including looking at what people do to spice things up. The most common method of spicing things up was the use of sex toys at 34%, followed closely by dressing up and watching porn both at 21%. Other methods included playing games and role play.

When it comes to motivation, 60% said that affection was the most likely to put them in the mood. Time away from your partner was the second biggest aphrodisiac, followed by alcohol in third place.

The survey was the subject of a segment on This Morning with sex expert Tracy Cox. The feature was also the basis of a viewer phone in where the show’s audience could ask Cox for tips and advice on their sex lives.

The story also made The Mirror and The Sun where you can find out the full results of the survey.