Many British parents are prepared to remortgage their homes, borrow cash, and give up on family holidays to pay for private tuition, our survey for has revealed.

45% of the 1,000 parents of 10-16-year-olds surveyed believe that paying for extra tuition is crucial to guarantee success in exams. A staggering 25% of parents believe this extra tuition is important because they believe their children are not being taught properly at school.

In order to pay for the additional tutoring 1 in 8 parents admitted to borrowing money while 1 in 10 are simply saving the cash by giving up their family holiday. 1 in 20 have gone the extra mile though and remortgaged their homes to enhance their child’s education and the chance of success. commissioned the research in light of the ongoing row over funding for education.

The survey was featured on the Huffington Post and in print in The Sun. It was also covered by education site