To launch Good Morning Britain’s Action! Against Bullying campaign, ITV commissioned research with us to find out more about bullying in schools. To do this we polled a panel of 1,500 children, aged 7-18 asking them about their own personal experiences of bullying and how their school deals with the issue.

The survey found that half of the 1,500 children had been bullied, with the majority of the abuse taking place at school. Appearance was given as the main reason for being picked on, with 13% saying it was to do with their weight.

70% stated that their school did have an anti-bullying policy but only a quarter of them felt that it was working. 8 out of 10 had told someone about it, but those who didn’t felt that no-one would be able to do anything about it.

Our research was used in articles on the Guardian and the Telegraph, alongside further information from ITV about their campaign which hopes to raise more awareness of bullying, particularly among schoolchildren.

Part of the Good Morning Britain campaign is a competition asking people to submit an anti-bullying video, with the winner being shown in cinemas, premiering in Leicester Square. For more information or to enter the competition visit the GMB website.

You can also get involved with the campaign on twitter. Simply share the campaign using the hashtag #ActionAgainstBullying.