What would your perfect job include? A 4 day, 24-hour week? A salary of £61,000? Free fruit? A boss that enjoys a pint? Well then you’re in good company as our survey for Reed revealed these things would do it for most people.

The survey of 2,000 UK adults also revealed that things such as regular reviews and pay rises, flexible working hours and a pension would also keep people happy at work.

But it’s not all about money and promotion chasing. Many people would be happy if they could wear jeans to work or had a nice view from the office.

The survey found that only 21% are wearing their perfect job and a whopping 54% believe that there is no such thing. Some people, despite not being in their perfect job, reveal they are happy in their current job 57% of the time and 58 are just a few simple changes away.

4 in 10 people say they simply want recognition of how hard they work and one-third say their existing job would be much better if they had more support in their role.

The survey was the basis of a news story written by the creative team of our sister company, 72Point and distributed to the national press via our in house press and digital newswires. The story landed on the MailOnline, The Sun, The Mirror and the London Economic as well as the Daily Mail, The Daily Express, the Daily Star, The Metro and the Daily Record in print.