Christmas is almost here and for many workers in Britain, it signifies the scramble for festive time off. OnePoll surveyed 1000 UK workers to find out their working plans over Christmas and how happy they are about it.

Who’s working over Christmas?

Just over half of UK workers have booked time off over the Christmas/ New Year period (53%) with the most popular day being Christmas Eve.

Over a third of UK employees whose places of work are operating on Christmas day have been requested to work (37%), with an additional quarter saying they were expecting to be asked (25%).

Those that have been asked to work mostly said they felt annoyed (40%) and frustrated (24%) at the prospect but a surprising 28% said they don’t mind.

OnePoll asked those who were expecting to be asked to work on Christmas day how they thought they would react and a massive 40% said they would refuse. 22% said they would start looking for a new job if asked and only 11% said they would quietly accept the fact they had to work on Christmas day.

Who should work on Christmas day?

Obviously there are some job sectors that are more vital than others so OnePoll asked in what sectors it was acceptable to make people work Christmas day.

64% agreed that it’s acceptable for emergency services to work on Christmas day. More people thought that it was OK for TV and entertainment workers to work on Christmas day than Government workers.

In many workplaces, there is the issue of whether parents should be given priority when it comes to time off over Christmas.
42% believed parents with young children should be given such priority and 18% said employees with children should never be made to work on Christmas day.

So, should people have to work on Christmas day?

UK employees said an average of 20 days’ notice should be given to employees required to work on Christmas day and 75% said there should be a financial bonus given.

UK employees as a whole had some strong views about people having to work on Christmas day.

38% thought it was unfair to make people work on Christmas day at all.
‘No one should have to work on Christmas day, unless it’s an essential service.’

The majority however said it was OK but should be paid extra for it (42%).
‘Essential workers only should do it with extra pay and time off in lieu’.
‘Offered as a choice, and paid more’.

Then there’s those Scrooges…
‘Who cares about xmas anyhow’.

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