Man buns, love them or loathe them there’s no getting away from them. You can’t go 5 yards without encountering at least one.

But who has the world’s coolest man bun? Mattel commissioned research with OnePoll to find out. Unsurprisingly the top of the list was dominated by footballs with David Beckham coming top, followed by Manchester United Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic in second and Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale in third.

The survey of 2,000 also named football’s Joey Barton, Justin Beiber and West Ham’s Andy Carroll as the worst celebrity man buns proving that it doesn’t matter if you play football or having millions of followers on social media, the man bun isn’t for everyone.

It was also revealed that Leeds was the capital of the UK when it comes to top knot, with a fifth of men trying the do.

Londoners come in a close second with 19 per cent open to trying a bun, while those in Glasgow came in third as 15 per cent of men embrace the look.

Following the popularity of the hairstyle it’s no surprise that when Mattel introduced their new diverse range of Ken dolls that the controversial hairstyle made an appearance. A spokesman for Mattel, which conducted the study to celebrate the launch of the Barbie brands diverse new range of Ken dolls including an on-trend new man bun Ken.

“Man buns are one of the most fun male hair trends we’ve seen in years, and we are excited to offer a Ken doll that captures this look.

“The man bun is just one of 15 new looks for Ken, as the range expands to introduce two new body types – slim and broad – joining the original, new ethnicities and hairstyles including corn rows.”

The survey was part of a campaign with our partners, 72Point, commissioned by Mattel to mark the launch of the dolls. The story achieved digital media coverage including in The Sun, The Daily Star, The Tab Leeds and the The Mirror, The Irish Mirror and The Daily Star in print.