It’s that time of year again when an entire continent goes off their heads for some cheesy pop music and national stereotypes. That’s right, it’s Eurovision!

Yet despite the euro-frenzy, our survey for Ladbrokes has revealed that the UK might not be as enamoured by the contest as their continental neighbours.

In fact, 54% of people thought the UK should leave the contest for good. Many people (50%) believe Brexit will have negative consequences on the way we perform in the scoring. Almost a third believe that the contest demonstrates Europes dislike of Great Britain.

The Survey of 1,000 UK adults also revealed that a staggering 82% won’t be voting and 78% are embarrassed by GB’s act. 20 years on from our last victory, Ladbrokes wanted to know what people thought the UK could do to turn their luck around. 13% believe putting One Direction forward as our representatives could do it and 11% think Take That could also bring home the win.

The story landed on,  the Express and City A.M and was mentioned in the Metro. The story also achieved a lot of attention from publications related to the contest’s large gay following, including Attitude Magazine, Pink News and LGBT Bulletin.