What would you give up for WIFI? Travel company, Intrepid Travel, wanted to find out.

The survey of 1,500 American adults found that alcohol, food and exercise were among the items people would sacrifice in order to keep a month’s wi-fi access. Other items on the list included going out, sex and even friends!

86% admitted that their cell phones are a distraction with 33% claiming to have missed something important because they were looking at their phone.

Part of the reason for the attachment to their cell is the desire to photograph the occasion. The average American pulls out the phone within 40 seconds when experiencing something interesting. 44% say they take the photo as a record but 25% say that taking the photograph has meant that missed out on experiencing it in the moment.

30% admitted that they do spend too much time on their phone but why can’t they put it down? 25% rely on it as their primary source of entertainment whereas 8% struggle with the fear of missing out on something.

The survey was commissioned to launch Intrepid Travel’s range of ‘digital detox’ tours for people wanting to escape their dependence on technology. The story, alongside the infographic designed by our in-house design studio, made the MailOnline and the NY Daily News.