How often does your child use a smartphone or tablet? What do you do to monitor their usage? Our international research for Intel looks at the challenges facing families as usage of internet connected devices increases.

The survey found 76% of parents allow their child to take an internet-connected device to bed. Whilst 80% of parents are concerned about who their child may be interacting with, most parents are still using more traditional methods to monitor usage. 35% admitted to monitoring their child’s device usage by keeping the device in their possession and only giving it to them when they were around, but only 23 percent admit to using software to monitor activity. The failures of traditional methods were highlighted when 34% of parents claimed they had discovered that their child visited an inappropriate website on their device.

Online dangers weren’t the only thing causing concern. Time in front a screen was also a worry. 48% of parents allow their child to have 1-2 hours of screen time per day, and 20 percent allow their child less than one hour a day. And kids aren’t the only culprits, approximately 36% of parents surveyed admit to being told off by their child for using a device during family time.

The survey was made up of 13,000 respondents, aged 18-55+ year old who use an internet device on a daily basis from 14 different countries; the UK, the USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Spain. The research achieved extensive coverage on specialist technology sites such as Tech Vibes, Venture Beat as well as landing on Yahoo Finance and more.