In conjunction with their ‘Building Modern Men’ series, The Huff Post commissioned OnePoll to conduct a survey into male role models.

The survey of 1,500 men asked respondents to pick their male role models. Prince William topped the poll with 25% of the vote, with David Beckham (14%) and Barack Obama (9%) completing the top 3.  Perhaps more interesting was the placing of politicians; 5% named picked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, putting him in 5th place, five places above his opposition and Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron who only received 1% of the vote and in last place.

30% of respondents stated that they felt there were enough strong male role models, yet 27% couldn’t name one when asked. The most popular words associated with male role models were ‘committed’ (62%), ‘trustworthy’ (52%), ‘passionate’ (49%), ‘caring’ (47%) and ‘intelligent’ (46%).

Stephen Hull, editor-in-chief of HuffPost UK, said “This month at HuffPost UK, we have been focusing on what it means to be a modern man and how men are redefining masculinity in today’s society.”  The survey found that 78% of men don’t mind their partners being the main breadwinner.  44% were comfortable with food shopping, 32% were happy to do the housework and 31% were comfortable cooking. However only 23% were comfortable doing the school run, 19% were happy organising a family even and changing a nappy was found to be the chore men were least comfortable (18%).

As well as the Huff Post coverage, our research was also featured on the Mirror, Female First and Royal Central.

The Huff Post’s ‘Building Modern Men’ allows UK bloggers to share honest and accurate accounts of being a man in modern Britain. It aims to look at the notion of masculinity in 21st century and to look at issues such as sexuality, women, violence, fatherhood, mental illness and more from the perspectives of the every day man or male celebrities.