Our research for Huffington Post found that 42% of men have suffered from depression and anxiety at some point during their lifetime. The study looks at the topic of male depression, as part of the Huffington Post’s ‘Building Modern Men’ blog series.

The survey of 1,500 men found that while nearly half have suffered with depression or anxiety, only 24% are reluctant to seek help or talk about it and would rather suffer in silence. Men aged 45 to 54 were more likely to suffer from the illness, and two thirds of that age group said that they would only open up to certain people, about their condition, with half saying it would be their partner, and one third saying it would be their friends. This is in contrast to young demographics where 45% chose their friends as their confidant, and only 19% would pick their partner to open up to.

Stephen Buckley, head of information at Mind, stated that it’s not always clear why someone may experience depression, but significant life changes are thought to be a factor.

Our research was also covered by the Telegraph, who developed on the findings by featuring blog posts from five men aged 26 to 57 living with depression. The article in the Telegraph was linked International Men’s Day which this year aimed to raise awareness of male suicide in Britain. The issue is so severe it is now termed a “national emergency”.

If you are effected by any of the issues above, contact Mind or Rethink for help or information.