We all know that vitamins and minerals are key to a healthy diet, and lack of either can lead to serious health issues. We surveyed the nation to reveal just how much we know about vitamins and minerals, and the effects of not getting enough.

Persistent dandruff, itchy or dry skin, low mood and even stress could all be signs you need more of a certain vitamin or mineral in your diet.

Other issues which could point to a deficiency include thinning hair, a low libido, white spots on your nails and tiredness.

The findings come after a survey by Healthspan to launch its new magnesium range, found 44 per cent of Brits admit they have no idea about the different vitamins and minerals they should be consuming.

One in twenty, of the 2,000 adults polled, believe they need to be eating krill oil and vegetable oil for a healthy body, while some even said they thought kryptonite and kerosene are essential vitamins and minerals.

Almost six in ten admit they are clueless about the signs which could show they are suffering from a mineral deficiency.

Worryingly, almost half of Brits are unaware that taking medication , antibiotics and even drinking tea and coffee can all affect how you absorb vitamins and minerals.

The survey was conducted as part of a campaign done by our sister company 72Point,for Healthspan, the UK’s leading direct supplement supplier. It achieved print coverage, landing in The Daily Mirror. It also landed in a number of digital sites such as The Mirror, The Sun. The Express, Mail Online and MSN.