51% of Monopoly games end in a row, our survey for Hasbro has revealed, with most of the quarrels most likely caused by people making up the rules as they go.

In light of the findings, Monopoly chiefs have set up a Christmas helpline to prevent major bust-ups over the festive period.

Other causes of the Monopoly rows include people being too cocky when they win, someone buying a property you want (even though they don’t need it), and people taking too long to take their turn as well as many more common annoyances.

The survey of 2,000 people also revealed the extent of cheating during Monopoly matches. The most common cheat is to stay quiet when you land on an opponent’s property. It was also revealed that 13% admit to stealing money from the bank on the sly….we’re sure more people do that though….cue suspicious faces.

Families play an average 4 board games over the festive period, and are most likely to get one out between 4-6pm on Christmas Day. With that in mind, the hotline is braced for a mass of calls from 6pm on the big day.

If your family finds itself in the middle of an almighty board game barney, the hotline, which you can call on 0800 6894903, is open from the 24th – 26th of December and is free to call from a landline or mobile (although check with your service provider).

The survey generated widespread media coverage in print, landing in The Star and the Sun, and online, featuring on news sites, radio shows and social media, as well as international television.

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