As part of their marketing campaign for a new at home smear test, GynaeHealth UK commissioned research with OnePoll into women’s experiences of smear tests.

The poll of 3,500 women aged 25 to 29 found that 5 million females are behind on gynaecological check-ups with 1 million admitting they have never been tested. More than 80% of women stated that they find smear tests embarrassing and thus are less likely to attend.  Pain and difficulty getting an appointment were other common reasons for missing tests.

The ‘GynaeCheck’ tests, which allow women to test themselves at home, are aimed at women who do not attend for these reasons, and are launching as part of the Target 100,000 campaign which aims to reach out to women who are avoiding their check-ups.

Our research was featured in articles on the MailOnline and the Express, along with further information about the tests and medical facts about the importance of gynaecological testing.