Americans spend 20 minutes longer getting ready in the warmer months our survey for Groupon has found. The increase in time is due to a personal ‘spring clean’; something that 60% of Americans practice.

The survey found that when the weather worsens and the cold sets in, nearly two-thirds take a break from caring about their image. 51% said that shorter days leave them with less energy to focus on personal pruning.

But it’s all change when spring arrives. In fact, the survey of 2,000 Americans found people were 3 times more likely to begin a new diet or fitness regime in Spring than any other month. Women were more likely to kick start a new self-improvement routine but men were likely

Other than diets and exercise, what else is involved in a personal spring clean? Other common ways to ‘spring clean’ are buying new clothes, getting a new haircut and getting a pedicure.

The story, which commissioned to run alongside Groupon’s spring beauty Out to Wow! Collection, was accompanied with an infographic, designed by our in-house design studio.  The story and accompanying assets achieved widespread media coverage landing on the MailOnline, USA Today, MSN, AOL, and more!