1 in 5 British people would rather live in a virtual reality world to escape the nightmare of Brexit and Trump according to our survey Geekzonia.

Wanting to visit exciting, extreme or fantasy locations was another reason for wanting to live in an alternative dimension, with Mars, Gotham City and Mordor listed as key examples. 46% of the 1,000 UK adults polled were also drawn to the fact that in a virtual reality world the impossible can become impossible, whilst 36% were keen to meet their favourite fictional characters. Meeting fictional heroes was more popular amongst men whereas women were simply keen to live virtually for the idea of socialising without leaving the house.

Living in a virtual reality would not only give you the option to change the world you live in but also change the way you look, with the ability to create an avatar of yourself. Whilst 29% said they would make their avatar as true to themselves as possible. 39% of respondents said they would make their avatar more attractive. Women were more likely to alter themselves with 45% saying they would make themselves ‘taller’, ‘slimmer’ or ‘more muscular’, compared to just 30% of men.

For some though the ability to transform themselves went further. 25% said they would become a fictional character, 9% wouldn’t be human and 4% would become a celebrity.

The survey achieved widespread coverage landing on the MailOnline, The National, The National Student and a range of business sites such as International Business Times and gaming sites.