People are taking less sick days this year than last year, according to our latest survey for Fisherman’s Friend. On Average workers took just 1.67 days, despite suffering 3 bouts of illness, compared to 1.85 days last year.

In fact, 51% haven’t taken a day off at all for a minor ailment in the last 12 months. 74% admitted that they went to work feeling enough to stay at home.

So, what is it making people solider on? Of those who took less time off this year, one-quarter had not wanted to let their colleagues down. 1 in 5 of the 2,000 workers surveyed was concerned about their job security, and 1 in 12 mentioned uncertainty after Brexit.

Men were more concerned about the impact of Brexit than women (12.73% compared to 4.85%), as were the younger generations (aged 25-34) at 12.57%.

The survey landed on many of the national news sites including the MailOnline, the Sun and twice on the Express, as well as on TV3’s Xpose and City AM.