More than a third of children in the UK are scared of dogs according to our survey for Dogs Trust.

37% of the 2000 parents polled claimed that their child was scared of canines with 25% stating that the fear affects their child’s daily life. But how does the fear manifest itself? 53% of parents claim that their frightened children will avoid the area where they had seen a dog and 29% said their child would run away and hide.

The survey, which was commissioned as part of Dogs Trust’s ‘Managing Fear of Dogs‘ campaign, found that more children were scared of dogs than snakes (20%) or tigers (7%).

And it’s not just kids. 1 in 7 parents also admitted to having this fear. 68% say their fear stems from a past experience but 15% were unable to explain their phobia.

As well as extensive online coverage, featuring on The Huffington Post, ITV (both Central and Meridian),, The North Devon Journal and more, Dogs Trust also used the results of the survey on social media to raise awareness of the campaign.