Two-thirds of Windows users would consider switching to Macs in the interest of security in the wake of security concerns surrounding Windows 10. That’s according to our transatlantic survey for

The answer to the solitary survey question gauged the degree of likelihood that the user would switch from a Windows computer to a Mac in light of the data collection revelations. 61% of the 500 US respondents said that they would at least consider a change; a higher 67% of the 500 UK respondents said the same. Only 33% of UK respondents and 39% of those from the US completely ruled out a change from one to other.

Younger generations, those aged 18-24, were more open to switching from a Windows computer 23.9% saying they definitely would, whereas the 35-44 age group had the lowest number of dedicated Windows fans with only 24.46 vowing to stay loyal.

The survey was featured on Yahoo Tech as well as a range of technology-focused websites including, and