Good news! (Yes that’s right, some good news!). The UK is a nation of givers. Our survey of 2,000 UK adults found that almost half of the people on our small island donate to charity on a regular basis, paying out an average of £8.10 a month.

It’s not just giving out money. Oh no! 11% regularly volunteer and 9% regularly fundraise. The findings show that despite all the wider economic problems we face, we are a nation of people that care about others.  We see this every time we tune into Children in Need, Red Nose Day etc but the figures suggest that it’s just that one day a year that we’re willing to give.

Obviously, not everyone is willing to give up their time and money with 3 in 10 stating that they would not consider volunteering. The exposure to charity campaigns, sponsorship and people wanting the old stuff that we don’t want anymore can get a bit too much for some. In fact, 64% admitted they have experienced ‘donation fatigue’ at some point. But although we may be screaming ‘no! I don’t want to pay you x number of pounds to run around a park’ (in our heads of course), we’ll probably still do it. Because you know, we’re actually quite nice.

In fact, 22% said that TV appeals were most likely to encourage their donations. Other techniques likely to encourage us to donate included street campaigns (13%), case studies (10%) and leaflet drops/flyers (9%).  Digital methods, including Social Media promotions, email campaigns and website adverts all scored the same at 8%, toppling more traditional methods such as newspapers and radio appeals.

When it comes down to it, however, personal factors have the biggest sway when it comes to encouraging us to give. Passion for the cause was the biggest inspiration for donations. Unsurprising as we’ve seen over recent years, passion for a cause in this country has never been too hard to summon up. The rest of the top 5 reasons were linked to friends and family. Whether it’s a personal link or connection to a loved one or simply someone you care about asking you to support it.

This might explain why health charities were the most likely to receive our support, whether it’s donations or fundraising. The difference between sectors when it comes to fundraising vs donations is interesting. For example, 43% said they would be willing to donate to animal welfare charities, but only 22% would be willing to fundraise for them. We only have to look at social media to see how much we love animals!  This pattern is reversed however when it comes to children and youth charities; with them being the 2nd most likely sector to fundraise for but only 4th when it comes to donations.

If you’d like to see a full summary of the survey’s findings download the PDF.