Over 60 children die in the home every year but a quarter of parents have no first aid training according to research for Channel Mum.

The survey of 2,000 parents found that an alarming 1 in 5 parents have found themselves in the situation where their child needed urgent first aid. 23% of parents have experienced their child choking, 14% of children have reportedly had a seizure and 1 in 20 has had an allergic reaction to something.

Whilst 31% of parents were confident about their ability to handle the situation and help their child in an emergency, many more were not so positive. 38% were convinced their child was going to die, 1 in 5 were worried they’d injure their child and 11% were so panicked they froze and were unable to help. Perhaps even more alarming was the revelation that 6

The research was commissioned as part of Channel Mum’s sixty-second campaign with St John Ambulance and included a series of 7 sixty-second videos to give parents essential first aid knowledge and tips for dealing wth different emergencies. The campaign builds on St John Ambulance’s ongoing campaigns to boost first aid knowledge in parents, including the Nursery Rhymes Inc campaign which also featured OnePoll research.

The research achieved widespread media coverage including articles on The Huffington Post, The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Record, The Daily Star and more.