5 ways research can be used to generate content in 2016

Not only are we consuming more content than ever, but the type of content that we’re exposed to is evolving in equal measure. Research can form a solid creative foundation for generating relevant and highly engaging content.

New jobs and bad interview questions

As we have just started at OnePoll, we decided to write a blog about peoples’ experiences of interviews and starting new jobs, to find out the most common faux pas.

4 in 10 employed Brits feel unappreciated by their boss

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Too many chiefs, not enough Indians’? In todays society, it has become apparent that in some businesses there are too many employees who want to be managers and not enough willing to be workers.

Over 1/3 have been asked to work on Christmas Day

Christmas is almost here and for many workers in Britain, it signifies the scramble for festive time off. OnePoll surveyed 1000 UK workers to find out their working plans over Christmas and how happy they are about it.