#IWD2017: The women who have inspired us

This International Women’s Day, the world is being asked to #BeBoldforChange. But how do we do that? Do we go out into the streets to take the fight on head first? Let’s face it we’ve already seen a lot of that this year. Our streets have hardly been free from marches and plaquards, and frankly with what feminism has been faced with this year it’s no wonder.

New Year resolutions: make or break in 2017?

In a survey of 1000 British adults, we found that 44% made New Year’s resolutions this year. Only a few weeks into January and almost a fifth (19%) admit to having already been unsuccessful. We look at why we set resolutions and why we fail.

Make-Up: Why do we wear it?

Whether you love it or loath it, find it a necessity or a burden, make-up is considered an important requirement by many women to feel good about themselves. For some, it can almost be considered a source of empowerment, giving women the confidence they need to face the challenges of the day ahead head on.

The sky is the limit – The importance of knowing we can achieve anything

Lately, I have had a suffocating feeling of wondering if all the effort of trying to impact a change in the workplace has any effect at all. This week’s announcement of Paula Nickolds being appointed as the new Managing Director for John Lewis gave me that glimpse of reassurance I needed.

Charity awareness: Are we a charitable nation?

Good news! (Yes that’s right, some good news!). The UK is a nation of givers. Our survey of 2,000 UK Adults found that almost half of people on our small island donate to charity on a regular basis, paying out an average of £8.10 a month. It’s not just giving out money. Oh no! 11% regularly volunteer and 9% regularly fundraise.

The binge-watching life

In 2015 Collins English Dictionary’s announced that their ‘Word of the Year’ was in “Binge-Watching”. This decision was largely due to the staggering 200% increase in usage of the term that year. To me, this increase in the use of the word is not that surprising.

The big marriage debate

After almost 4 years of being in a relationship, the inevitable and persistent “When are you getting married?” question from family and friends has well and truly reared its ugly head. We asked 2,000 adults if marriage is the be all and end all of a relationship.

The reality TV habit

In light of the current explosive series of Celebrity Big Brother, which has had millions of viewers tuning in to the daily drama, OnePoll polled 2000 UK adults to discover what makes us so engrossed in reality TV. Nearly 4 in 10 of us watch some form of reality TV... we wanted to understand what draws us to reality tv shows.

Would you swipe right for love?

We live in a world of technology... it's not surprising that we use it to help us find love. From how we meet, how we communicate, what we do on dates, to how we tell the world our relationship is ‘official’, the internet has revolutionised dating. So why are so many people so sceptical of online dating?

Bigorexia: the untold effects

In recent years, the increase in eating disorders and body dysmorphia has been hard to ignore. Body Dysmorphic Disorder is reported to effect around 1 in 100 people in the UK and is often attributed to our appearance and ‘selfie’ obsessed society.