My love for data

The research landscape for PR and media is changing, and I for one am thrilled that data is becoming something we embrace and incorporate at every stage of a project. I have always been fascinated by data, insight and measurements.

The recipe for a perfect PR survey

We have conducted thousands of surveys for the PR industry alone. There have always been constants with each project. There are always areas that the research has to cover in order to ensure clients get the most out of their research and that the stats hold up to scrutiny once they go to press.

The portrayal of women in film and TV

It is a common conception that women are misrepresented in TV & film. Often the female characters function only to serve the male lead, or are gender stereotyped as the dumb/ unintelligent character or just there for their looks.

You might share this blog, but there’s still a 43% chance you won’t read it

Several pieces of research have found absolutely no correlation between how much time people spend reading articles and whether they go on to share them on their social media or not.

Beyond Generation Y: An introduction to Generation Z

Generation Y have come of age - even the youngest are in higher education or have jobs. It’s more important than ever to map their behaviour and interests as their spending power increases, their careers develop and they begin to start families.

57% of Brits still don’t know what ALS stands for. Here’s what we really know about the ice bucket challenge.

The ice bucket challenge is the new big thing to take over most of our social media feeds, and, as the name slightly gives away, it involves chucking an ice cold bucket of water over yourself, filming it, and sticking it on social media. This is all done with the aim of raising awareness and donations for ALS/MND.

10 Things You Need to Know About Generation Y

Generation Y have been around for a while now - and we know them pretty well. Also referred to as Millennials, the Echo Boomers, New Boomers, Net Generation or Generation Facebook – the exact definition of Generation Y differs, but it can generally be understood to include those born between the early 80s and the late 90s.

Five ways we’ve been doing youth research wrong our whole lives (and what we should actually be doing)

Young generations are radically different to the ones that came before them. They are reshaping the world of research, and any brand or organisation that involves them in their strategy is going to be future-proof.