Conducting research with your own customers

So you have a customer or client database and you’d like to find out their thoughts on a number of topics. But where do you start? Read our top tips on how to successfully poll your own customers.

Conducting research with an online panel

American Anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston once said “Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose”. Which makes a lot of sense because if you don’t have a purpose or know what you’re trying to find out, you won’t find out anything at all.

OnePoll research: a few of our favourites from 2016

2016 was a record year for OnePoll. We have conducted an extensive and eclectic mix of quantitative projects - from quick reaction polls, to data-led storytelling, consumer research & in-depth multi-country studies. Here are a few of our favourites...

The sky is the limit – The importance of knowing we can achieve anything

Lately, I have had a suffocating feeling of wondering if all the effort of trying to impact a change in the workplace has any effect at all. This week’s announcement of Paula Nickolds being appointed as the new Managing Director for John Lewis gave me that glimpse of reassurance I needed.

Charity awareness: Are we a charitable nation?

Good news! (Yes that’s right, some good news!). The UK is a nation of givers. Our survey of 2,000 UK Adults found that almost half of people on our small island donate to charity on a regular basis, paying out an average of £8.10 a month. It’s not just giving out money. Oh no! 11% regularly volunteer and 9% regularly fundraise.

Rare Diseases: Individually rare, collectively common

Today (29th February) is Rare Diseases Day, which aims to raise awareness of rare diseases to help grow funding and support for sufferers. Having personally lost a close family member who suffered from a rare disease, this topic is close to my heart.

6 tips for conducting international research

OnePoll has been conducting international research for almost ten years. Our researchers share some advice and tips to consider when planning and commissioning an international research project.

5 ways research can be used to generate content in 2016

Not only are we consuming more content than ever, but the type of content that we’re exposed to is evolving in equal measure. Research can form a solid creative foundation for generating relevant and highly engaging content.

Not everyone eats eggs

Anna is happily married to Adam, with whom she has two children that attend the local primary school. Each summer, the whole family flies abroad for an all-inclusive holiday. Anna saves up to buy Christmas gifts for her family every year, works 9-5 in an office, and eats eggs for breakfast. Anna is a stereotype, wrapped in a cliché, and she’s a PR survey writer’s dream.

Public attitudes towards criminal punishment, rehabilitation and reform

A OnePoll study of 1,000 British adults takes a look at the public's attitudes to criminal punishment, rehabilitation and penal reform. While we’re usually more interested in punishing criminals than rehabilitating them, are we really as punitive as our initial reactions often imply?