Nationwide age profile surveys and infographics

As part of an ongoing marketing campaign, Nationwide commissioned a series of surveys to find out more about the people of Great Britain. Each survey took a specific age group and identified the average characteristics of that demographic.

Digimarc digital transformation in retail research

As official research partner for Planet Retail, we were commissioned to conduct B2B research for a project in partnership with technology retailer, Digimarc. The research looks at how the retail environment is transforming as a result of the expanding purchase options online and the impact of these changes on consumer behaviour and retail spending strategies.

Paymentsense nation’s favourite takeaway survey

Our survey for PaymentSense has revealed the nation’s favourite takeaway and it isn’t fish and chips! Nope! Great Britain’s favourite takeaway is Chinese taking 35% of the vote. Indian took second place with 24% and pizza in third with 13%.

Nationwide savings survey

How much money would you need to save for you to feel financially secure? Our survey for Nationwide Savings revealed that for most people it’s a hefty £21,000. However, the survey of 2,000 UK adults found that, in reality, most people fall short of this by approximately five grand, with most only having saved £16,460.

ITV Money concerns survey

Money is Britain's biggest concern according to our latest survey for ITV. 80% of UK adults are worried about their money in the current financial climate

Barclaycard Battle of the fans survey

Are you a Katy Perry fan? Better start saving; the average KP fan spends £1,627 a year according to our survey for Barclaycard. In fact, the ‘KatyCats’ spend more than any other fan when it comes to merchandise, music and attending her shows.

NFU Farming survey

Good news for farmers! Public support for British farming has increased for the 5th year in a row. Our survey for the NFU found that two-thirds of the respondents say they actively support farming.

TSB joint bank account survey

A new survey for TSB has found that 9 out of 10 couples are pooling their money in a joint current account. Younger generations, however, are taking longer to do so than their predecessors.

TSB Community survey

74% of Brits think a post office is the most desirable facility in a town, closely followed by a bank. That's according to our poll of 4,000 British people for TSB. The survey looked at community and in particular, what people want from and in their community.

Animal Friend Pet Insurance survey

Coventry has been named pet capital of the UK. Our survey of 1,000 cat and dog owners for Animal Friend Pet Insurance revealed that the good people of Coventry spend a whopping £52.77 on their pets each month.