SPANA Work grumbles survey & video

How often do you complain about work? Our survey for working animal charity, SPANA, revealed that the average employee spends the equivalent of 2 working weeks a year grumbling. One in 20 will start moaning the minute they step foot in the office. Another 15% admitted they 'whinge all day long'.

Action for Children Scotland parental concerns surveys

The end of the summer holidays is approaching and with it comes a whole host of worries for parents. Our survey for Action for Children Scotland has revealed that bullying is the top concern with 1 in 5 parents worried about the issue when their child returns to school.

Mental Health Foundation ‘I’m Fine’ study & video

The average UK adult will say I’m Fine 14 times a week but only 19% will really mean it according to our survey for The Mental Health Foundation. The survey was commissioned as part of the charity’s I’m Fine campaign which urges people to be more open and honest about mental health.

Blue Cross little lies survey

Christmas is coming. Time to lie to your kids. 'Santa is watching' has been revealed as the most common lie parents tell their kids. This was followed closely by 'we'll see' and 'we're almost there'. The threat of a lack of presents from Father Christmas was used by 62% of parents to keep their children's behaviour under control.

St John Ambulance first aid survey

An unconscious child is the most frightening scenario for 74% of parents according to our recent survey for St John Ambulance. The survey runs in conjunction with a recent video by the charity which urges parents to learn CPR in case of emergency situations. Our survey of 2,000 parents found that only 1 in 4 would know what to do if they were faced with a child that wasn't breathing.

Dogs Trust fear of dogs survey

More than a third of children in the UK are scared of dogs according to our survey for Dogs Trust. 37% of the 2000 parents polled claimed that their child was scared of canines with 25% stating that the fear affects their child's daily life.

Brita and MCS water bottle survey

Nearly a third of people use bottled water at home according to our survey for Brita. The water filter experts have teamed up with the Marine Conservation Society to highlight the damaging effects of using single water bottles on the environment.

SSAFA The Longest Night survey

Today, the 10th May marks the 75th anniversary of The Longest Night; the worst night of the Blitz. To commemorate the tragedy, Armed Forces Charity, SSAFA, commissioned a survey into people’s understanding of the event.

British Heart Foundation fitness survey

48% of women and 42% of men admit getting out of breath when running for a bus according to our latest survey for the British Heart Foundation. 47% felt they manage a half mile run while one in five said they could only run 100 metres.

OnePoll rape jokes survey

In November 2015, we posted a blog post about the issue of 'rape culture' and specifically about 'rape jokes'. The blog featured the results of a survey we conducted in order to find out the nation's views on 'rape jokes'...