Male role models

Huffington Post male role models survey

In conjunction with their ‘Building Modern Man’ series, The Huffington Post commissioned OnePoll to conduct a survey into male role models. The survey of 1,500 men asked respondents to pick their male role models. Prince William topped the poll with 25% of the vote, with David Beckham (14%) and Barack Obama (9%) completing the top 3.

fizzy drink tax

XXL Britain sugar survey

In light of the Government’s proposals to introduce a tax on sugary drinks, ITV commissioned OnePoll to conduct a survey in to the public’s reaction to the proposal. The survey of 2,000 18-50 year olds found that almost 50% of people agree with the tax on fizzy drinks.

Gynaecheck survey pensive woman

GynaeHealth UK smear test survey

As part of their marketing campaign for a new at home smear test, GynaeHealth UK commissioned research with OnePoll into women’s experiences of smear tests. The poll of 3,500 women aged 25 to 29 found that 5 million females are behind on gynaecological check-ups with 1 million admitting they have never been tested.

bullying ITV research

ITV bullying survey

To launch Good Morning Britain’s Action! Against Bullying campaign, ITV commissioned research with us to find out more about bullying in schools. To do this we polled a panel of 1,500 children, aged 7-18 asking them about their own personal experiences of bullying.